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  • noun [capitalized] In Greek myth, a personification of the lighter winds or breezes, the divinities of the air.
  • noun An invisible emanation or field of energy believed to radiate from a person or object.
  • noun Distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with something.

At AURA Yachts, we build boats that have energy. Their layout, design and performance characteristics provide an atmosphere that owners appreciate far beyond just quality. Aluminium is our material of choice. It provides a balance between cost, performance and the ease of customisation.

Architect Marc Lombard
Design category A – 10 persons
Materials  Aluminium 5083 H11 
Hull length LH 18.60 m (61′)
Length on waterline LWL 17.41 m (57’1”)
Maximum beam 5.18 m(16’11”)
Fixed keel draught (Std)  2.80 m(9’2”)
Air draught 26.50 m (86’11”) 
Displacement (light/maximum load) 15,800 kg/ 19,900 kg
Fixed ballast 4,300 kg
Freshwater capacity 2x@300 l 
Fuel tanks 2x@300 l
Blackwater & Greywater tanks 2x@55l 2x@55l
Sail area upwind 170 m2 
Mainsail area  84 m2
Genoa area  86 m2 
Staysail area 50 m2 
Gennaker area 135 m2 
Spinnaker area  220 m2
Engine Volvo D2-75 75hp–50kW


The build of AURA Yachts is accompanied by regular visits from a professional firm which ensures all guidelines a followed during the process. This results in meeting or exceeding the necessary safety standards required for Ocean going CE Certification.


Aluminium is AURA Yachts material of choice for building. The AURA 57 is just 15tons displacement. Aluminium allows for performance yet also allows the freedom for ease of customizations which doing in other materials would be much more difficult.


No one is the same so why should you have the same boat. We have built numerous yachts for people around the globe. Each owner has their own ideas on how their yacht will be laid out. We work with you on things like deck layout, rigging setup and interior design is in line with how you want YOUR yacht to be.


We strive to build with sustainability in mind. Solar, wind and other technologies are used for electricity generating. Battery and electric motor advancements are being made each year and the best are incorporated into AURA Yachts.

AURA Aluminium Yachts - Map of Turkey

With 7200km of coastline, Turkey has along history of life on the water. Turkey ranks as the 4th largest boat building country globally. Expertise in yacht production has been built over hundreds of years and these skill are a major factory that has lead to it being the chosen location for many ocean going vessels such as container ships and super yachts.

Turkey is also a major manufacturing hub producing and exporting products for many industries, one being marine. This provides ease of access for many components AURA Yachts produces. Turkey’s close proximity to the rest of Europe also allows fast delivery and availability for any other requested brands we or clients choose.

AURA Yachts Founder and CEO

Hakan Cetin

Founder and CEO

Hakan grew up on the south coast of Turkey and as a small child spent a lot of time on the water in small boats. He is no stranger to life on the water and in the 90’s built his own yacht. His passion lead him to continue building boats and over the past 2 decades has completed yachts in varying sizes and built in all of the common materials. His yacht building experience extends from initial hull design aspects, right through to the choice and options to all items for fit out.

Sinan Cetin

Sinan Cetin


To truly provide a customised yacht, great detail and modifications can be required. Sinan has been working on CAD models of yachts for 10 years. During this time he has gained extensive knowledge in various CAD programs that has allowed him to not only make the visual customization for interior and deck layouts, but even more importantly, producing detailed 2D drawings and cutting files for CNC machines to create the necessary parts for building yachts. Every millimeter counts when striving for perfection and Sinan’s dedication and attention to detail make parts fit together the way they were intended.